•        TG World Football Promotion

           Brings a modern approach to sports management in the 21st Century, offering a transparent, honest and comprehensive service. Founded in 2003 , the company has as a major target the promotion of young football talents, both Romanian and foreigner.
           As a result of a careful selections made by our technical department, at present we are legally and exclusively representing many valuable and talented football players and coaches. We provide assistance and guidance to the clubs, coaches and players, always working in an impartial way with a professional staff, ready to assist you.
           Our intention is to settle partnerships with other international companies and football clubs in order to promote not just our own players, but to transfer valuable foreign players to the Romanian and European clubs we are working with.

            TG World Football Promotion affirms itself amongst other East-European companies not only through its ample vision of international football, but also by its constancy, seriousness and respect granted to its own activities, in respect with FIFA Regulations.

  • Mr. Traian Gherghisan

    FIFA Player’s Agent, licentiate by the FRF - Romanian Football Federation, remarks himself by his innovative conceptions of football matters and also by the conscientiousness and correctness showed in the relationships with the players and business partners. Experienced observer, intuitive and good evaluator of the players, coaches and clubs needs, he always gets the best results for each of them, with patience, devotion and professionalism.

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